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Why choose us?

In 2022, Daniel Baum, an experienced real estate professional with 25 years of industry knowledge and a portfolio of properties, established COAS with the intention of providing comprehensive insurance products, and enhanced support to property managers & owners. During his career, Daniel saw that his property managers were not able to give additional attention to refining his properties, as the challenging job of solving sudden and immediate property or group matters consumed an immense measure of time, albeit being an important obligation. Subsequently, COAS emerged devoted to helping LCAMs (Licensed Community Association Managers) ease themselves from the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, in order to focus more energy on bettering their properties and communities.

So, our team’s mission at COA Solutions, is to provide tailored insurance products, plus FREE administrative support services to property managers and board members of condominiums & multi-family properties throughout the state of Florida.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring that your property has the resources you need to manage efficiently, and effectively without any cost to you or your community.